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Your one-stop resource center for both the pharmacists and community at large that brings valuable information from trusted sources on various health topics and medicine ingredients.
Information at your fingertips regarding common ailments to:
Understand the Illness
Manage the Illness
Stay Healthy
FREE Information on over 27,000 products nationally registered (NPCB), in both ENGLISH and BAHASA MALAYSIA. Find a medicine by its ingredient or brand name using our "medicine search engine".
We aim at linking the entire pharmacies nationwide on our website. You can retrieve addresses and contact numbers of all pharmacies from our pharmacy listings.
If you suspect you or someone you love has a problem, please seek professional help. Post your queries here and get feedback and guidelines from registered pharmacists and users.
Subang Jaya Survey Results News Release
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Fri , 22 Aug 2014 12:01:07 AM
Asthma is the most common chronic illness in children...
A main cause for school absences...
People become blind...; people develop kidney failure...
Just a symptom of stress or is it dangerous?
The most important risk factor for stroke!!
To most people, obesity is to be very overweight... Is it?
“ANTHRAX” - Want to know more?
People try Ecstasy as they think it is safe to use. Is it safe?
Do You Know What's Inside Your Medicine Chest?
How Do Medicines Work?
Types of Dosage Forms
Don't Be So Down--Pessimism Can Harm Your Health!
It does not cause symptoms until 90% of renal functions is lost!
Height-Weight Chart for Men and Women
Pharmacy Manager now in Afghanistan!
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